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About Synthesizers


Around in a variety of forms since the 19th Century, Synthesizers are electronic devices that create sound – maybe imitating an acoustic instrument or creating new timbres from scratch.

Synthesizers come in a number of forms. The most recognisable for most would be as a keyboard. They also come as desktop units without a keyboard. Another big difference between synthesizers is whether they are analogue or digital. Analogue units generate the sound from electronic circuits, where as digital models create sound on computer chips in the units.

These days many users synthesise all of their sounds with software, but hardware units are still popular for a number of reasons (in fact they are enjoying a recent increase in popularity). Hardware units are dedicated to their purpose with controls specific to their function. Many people prefer the sound from these units, and they also offer a point of difference, giving you a specific ‘sound’.

At Store DJ we understand Synthesizers. We stock a great range of keyboard and desktop units as well as performance pianos, workstations and all the accessories you may need. Our staff have been using synthesisers for years, so come in to see us today!

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Access Virus TI 2 Polar Synthesizer
Our Price
$4999 Ships in 7 Days
Elektron Carry Bag ECC-2 w/ Protective Lid PL-2
Our Price
$199 Ships in 7 Days
Odyssey Backtrak XL Backpack (Black) (BPBACKTRAKXL)
Our Price
Save $34.84
In Stock
Access Virus TI 2 Desktop Synthesizer
Our Price
$3799 Accepting Orders
Access Virus TI 2 Keyboard Synthesizer
Our Price
$4999 Accepting Orders
Arturia Road Case For Matrixbrute Analogue Synth
Our Price
Save $100
In Stock
Arturia MicroBrute Analogue Synthesizer
Our Price
$549 In Stock
Arturia RackBrute 3U Eurorack Case
Our Price
$449 In Stock
Arturia RackBrute 6U Eurorack Case
Our Price
$599 In Stock
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