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Preamps / AD Converters

Convert and boost analogue or digital sounds

About Preamps / AD Converters

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Preamps / AD Converters

What is a Preamp? A Preamp (or Preamplifier) amplifies the level of an input signal, preparing it for further processing. Preamps usually do more than simply boosting the signal, often having a dynamics controls such as compression of gating. The unit may also feature analogue valve (or tube) circuitry to add pleasant-sounding distortion (or warmth). Preamps are often used to control and colour an incoming signal before it is recorded.

What is an AD Converter? AD Converters are devices that act as the conduit between an analogue audio source (such as a microphone or DJ mixer) and a digital destination (such as a computer or ADAT). AD Converters ‘convert’ an analogue signal into digital data. This is one of the key components to any digital recording chain. The quality of these converters varies from product to product and often has an influence on price.

Some units combine the features of both pre-amplification and AD conversion.

At Store DJ we understand Preamps and AD Converters. We know that the ability to capture high-quality recordings has a direct impact on the finished product. We stock a great range from brands such as Universal Audio, Focusrite, PreSonus, RME and Behringer. Visit us to check out some of these great units and discuss how they could integrate into your recording chain.

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