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In late 2001, Ableton released ‘Live’, which was an idea formed by founders Gerhard Behles (CEO) and Berd Roggendorf (CTO). The idea grew from their personal vision of a computer-based music-making solution; and what a vision it was. Today, Ableton has released a multitude of updates (now in Version 9) and also includes a beautifully crafted hardware system in Ableton Push 2, enabling artists to seamlessly take their ideas from beginning to end without being distracted by computer screens.

Ableton Live quickly made its way from being an underground alternative sequencer to one of the top three Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) solutions for computer based artists and producers thanks to two features: Live’s unique ‘Session View’ and ‘Audio Warping’ capabilities.

Ableton Live’s Session View allows for non-linear live performance and remixing using both audio and MIDI clips which can be triggered in any order or any combination. What’s more, you can record your performance in Session View for further editing later on.

Warping was introduced with version 3 of Live which introduced the concept of “timestretching” to a new generation of performers and producers. Warping provides fast and accurate timing correction of loops, acapellas - even whole songs so they can be played back at any tempo without loss of audio quality.

Ableton Live’s Warping feature became so popular Apple introduced a very similar process called “Elastic Audio” into their flagship Logic Studio software. Add to this a host of unique MIDI and audio effects, a clean, uncluttered single screen interface, Ableton Live quickly became the number one choice for laptop performers and producers. Finally there was a single product that allowed the user to write and perform within one DAW, rather than having to use one for creation/writing/producing, and another for Live performance.

Ableton Live is so popular today that many MIDI controller manufacturers such as Akai Professional and Novation have worked in tandem with Ableton to produce dedicated controllers (the APC40mk2 and Launchpad respectively) for complete integration between hardware and software. Previously only Pro-Tools, Logic, and Cubase have had dedicated control surfaces produced for them.

In the latest version of Live (Version 9) Ableton introduces its very first hardware control surface called Push for its world leading software. In late 2015, Push was upgraded to the all new Push 2, offering a versatile controller perfect for musicians using Ableton Live. Push 2 enables artists to concentrate on the job at hand - creating music - instead of working mainly on a computer based keyboard and mouse control system. Push includes fast and easy access to the host of Ableton features directly on the Push 2 controller to ensure that artists can get the most out of the software without spending time starting at a screen. We have seen many manufacturers create systems that enable less laptop viewing, however Ableton have taken this to a whole new level with beautiful wave forms and tools that give all musicians a focus on the music instead of how they are creating the music.

At Store DJ, the majority of our staff use Ableton Live in their production work and performances.

As Australia’s leading stockist of Ableton Live, Store DJ can offer the best advice and demonstrations of how Live and Push 2 can enhance your recording and performance requirements. Contact us in-store or view our range of Ableton products below to find out more, or give us a call to discuss your needs today.

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