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The studio monitors with iconic yellow cones.

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What do you need from a studio monitor? This is the question that KRK always start with. The usual terms get thrown around like accuracy, reliability, precision, and many more marketing buzzwords.

Important words about what the product should be...but not necessarily speaking to what users really need. A product they can trust! Engineers and Artists need products they can put their faith in. Ones that deliver a true acoustic interpretation of the mix. Sounds Simple...but it isn't so simple when it comes to these complex designs. At KRK they take design and performance very seriously. If it's not won't go to market...period!

KRK Systems was founded in 1986, by Keith Klawitter. He had been an engineer for years working on such films as "Brainstorm" and "The Doors". Frustrated by the fact he couldn't find a monitor that gave him clarity and accuracy, he began building his own monitors. Other engineers and producers began to take notice of Keith's high-end studio monitors, a groundswell began and a company was born.

Today you can find KRK monitors all around the world, with a diverse range of professional users such as Richard Earnshaw, Jordan Rudess, Snow Patrol, SAE and Moog. The KRKs are always easy to pick, with their distinctive yellow cones!

Monitors are considered by many to be the most important link in the audio chain. At Store DJ we understand KRK and the clarity they can bring to your production or practise process. Visit us today to hear them for yourself.

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