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PA Speakers / Amps

The initialisation PA has stood for a long time. In years gone by, PA stood for a Public Address system, and the term is still widely used today to describe speaker systems used in public performances. There are many different forms of PA in today’s speaker world. There are systems that are portable, some that are powered and others that require their own amplifier to project sound.

Portable PA is a compact speaker system that is generally run on batteries and so is perfect for buskers or performers or presenters that need to project their voice or instrument when not near a mains power. These are great for not only buskers, but schools and places of worship where mains power is not easily accessed. Powered Speakers are speakers that are built with amplifiers already inside the speaker box. These are certainly the most popular of PA boxes we sell as the amplifier is matched to the speaker and it is all in one compact box. These usually have various controls such as tone (EQ) line/mic inputs and gain control so you can tune your speakers to any room you visit. Powered Subwoofers are much the same as powered speakers, in that they have an amplifier inside the box, meaning no external amplifier is required to run your PA. Many of the powered subwoofers also contain a cross-over so you can tell the PA speaker which frequencies you want it to play and which you want to send to another speaker so you can have the optimal sound from each component. Unpowered Speakers are simply PA speakers without any amplifier inside. These do not require a power plug, but need to be plugged into an amplifier in order to make them project any sound. Unpowered Subwoofers like Unpowered Speakers do not have an amplifier so once again need to be plugged into an amplifier in order to project any sound. Amplifiers are the boxes that create power to run your PA speakers and subwoofers. Generally the amplifiers found at Store DJ are Stereo and come in a large range of power options depending on the size of the speaker or system you want to power.

Store DJ sells all the major brands of PA including QSC, HK, JBL, Mackie, Behringer and Yamaha, just to name a few.

If you are looking for a new PA setup, drop into any one of our four stores and have a talk to our staff who understand your need for the perfect PA setup, or check out the products below and we will deliver your setup direct to you.

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