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James Bullough Lansing was born James Martini, 14 January 1902, in Macoupin County, Millwood Township, Illinois. As a young lad he was very interested in all things electrical and mechanical. At about the age of 10, he built a Leyden Jar which he used to play pranks on his playmates. He also constructed crystal sets, and at one time, probably about the age of 12 or so, built a small radio transmitter from scratch.

The company that is presently known as James B. Lansing Sound (JBL), Incorporated, was first called Lansing Sound, Incorporated, and dates from 1 October 1946. One of the first products introduced by the new company was the model D101 fifteen-inch speaker. It was virtually a copy of the Altec Lansing 515 theatre woofer with an aluminium dome and with venting through the back of the magnet structure.

JBL have had many high quality products over the years. These included a fifteen-inch theatre-type woofer, a high-frequency driver, and a small multicellular horn. The driver, known as the D175, is still in the JBL catalogue today. Lansing pioneered the use of four-inch voice coils for low-frequency transducers, and the D130 was the first loudspeaker to incorporate this. The D130 was developed in 1947 and with it the D101 was discontinued.

In 1969, Thomas sold JBL to Sidney Harman of the Jervis Corporation. Under the stewardship of Harman, the company grew from a relatively modest $8M gross business per year to about $60M. JBL is the leading producer of branded speakers and studio monitors around the world today.

Store DJ stocks a large range of JBL speaker and studio monitor products for DJs, venue installations and production studios. We understand why JBL speakers are a valued product in your professional rig and can help you choose the right speaker or studio monitor for your needs. We have JBL speakers and studio monitors on display, ready for you to see, hear and compare, so visit us today.

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