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Analogue Studio Mixers

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About Analogue Studio Mixers

Analogue Studio Mixers

Producing music involves mixing together a variety of sources to create your final mix. Analogue Studio Mixers allow you to combine inputs from microphones and instruments and adjust their volume and EQ individually so you can break down the mix and have everything work together.

Analogue units route all signals through the desk with physical circuitry; some users prefer the sound of analogue signal pathways in the studio to give their mix a particular analogue sound. 

Analogue Studio Mixers cover a range of sizes based upon the number of inputs and outputs, from small mixers designed to combine a handful of sources in a small band, to large consoles designed for mixing an orchestra in a studio setting.

At Store DJ we understand Analogue Studio Mixers. We stock a great range from leading brands including Alesis, Allen & Heath, Behringer, Mackie and Soundcraft. These devices are central to the sound of producers using external instruments. Speak with one of the professionals at Store DJ to find the right one for you.

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ART Pro Audio SplitComPro Mic Splitter/Combiner
Our Price
$69 Accepting Orders
Alto Professional ZMX122FX 8 Channel Mixer
Our Price
$275 Accepting Orders
Alto Professional ZMX52 5 Channel Compact Mixer
Our Price
$105 Accepting Orders
Alto Professional ZMX862 6 Channel Compact Mixer
Our Price
$169 Ships in 7 Days
Allen & Heath XB-10 Compact Radio Broadcast Mixer
Our Price
$1359 Accepting Orders
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