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It may seem insane, but Earplugs are something that we don't use enough in nightclubs, festivals and concerts we visit. Earplugs are small devices that we put in our ears to reduce sound pressure (attenuate the volume). They don't just reduce sound pressure, but enable you to hear everything perfectly without all the hard edges, meaning you can enjoy the music, without suffering hearing loss.

Whether you are heading to a concert, festival, nightclub or any destination with loud music, Earplugs serve as your protector against hearing loss. Everyone that visits loud venues, whether you are a performing artist, bar staff, manager or simply a party animal looking for some loud energy action, earplugs are a necessity, not an optional extra.

Earplugs in recent years have come a long way and Store DJ stocks a range of high quality and low cost solutions to protect your hearing. Come in an speak to one of our staff about how Earplugs can serve you and your hearing well into the future. Read Less

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