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Headphone Amps & DACs

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About Headphone Amps & DACs

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Headphone Amps & DACs

A Headphone Amplifier is a small power amplifier that can be connected to a standard headphone jack or the line output of an audio source.

Electrically, a headphone amplifier can be thought of as an amp that presents a very high input impedance and presents a lower output impedance and larger range of output voltages. This allows headphones of a low sensitivity to be driven louder as a result of the extra voltage provided by the amp.

At Store DJ we stock a range of Headphone Amplifiers with multiple outputs for stage and studio use. In the studio this means you can have real world recording applications to suit multiple artists listening to their mix.

Store DJ understands why Headphone Amplifiers are important in your studio, so if you need any support in choosing one from our range, come in and talk to any of our staff in one of our 4 stores.

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Korg DSDAC100 1-Bit USB DAC
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