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Tascam has been a world-leading professional audio company for more than 3 decades, offering high quality products to every segment of the sound and music industry. In the 1970’s Tascam captured the market with its incredible home studio products, before moving into the professional market where their research, development and commitment to their product range catapulted them to the top of the market.

Tascam achieved many firsts in the audio industry, including the first 1/2-inch, 4-track cassette recorder, the first 8-track, reel-to-reel/mixer combo, the first R-DAT recorder, the first MiniDisc digital multi-tracker and CD scratcher. Their achievements have continued on throughout their life, winning an Emmy in 1995 and 2000 for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development’.

These days, Tascam provide a vast range of products for audio professionals. We stock a range of digital recorders such as the DR-05, DR-40 and DR-100 that offer high quality field recording while on the move as well as a large range of studio recorders, so you can transfer your audio perfectly every time.

Store DJ stocks a large range of audio interfaces, portable studios, digital mixing desks and even video recording equipment from Tascam and will always get you Australia’s best price on our entire range.

We understand how important your recording requirements are, so visit us in any of our 4 stores or check out the products below for more information.

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