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About Nord


If you are into music, chances are you have heard of Nord. Who could ever forget the trademark Red chassis, surrounding a range of synths that for the last 30 years have created some of the greatest sounds and songs of our time.

In 1983, the founder of Nord created the first drum pad allowing for dynamic playing, using sampled sounds. Instantly grabbing the attention of musicians world-wide, attention turned to designed their first keyboard, the Nord Lead which was released in 1995, just 2 years before their first digital modular synthesiser.

Nord is known for its flexible, innovative designs and workflow which have kept them at the forefront of the synth market for so long. Additions to the Nord synth lineup including the Nord Electro, Nord Stage, C1 and more recently the C2 and Stage 2 have enabled them to grow their reach to a point where you will find Nord in all types of studios and stages where people rely on them to create the perfect sound with an intuitive workflow, night after night.

Store DJ understands Nord and how important your synth selection is for your productions. Our staff can take you through the entire range of Nord in any of our shops, so visit us today to road test them for yourself or click on any of the products to investigate further.

Grid List
Nord C2 Stand Keyboard Stand for Nord C2
Our Price
$699 Ships in 7 Days
Nord Lead 4 Performance Synthesizer (Keyboard)
Our Price
$2699 Ships in 7 Days
Nord Pad Drum Pad for Nord Drum 2
Our Price
$369 Accepting Orders
Nord SC-61 Soft Case (61-Key Keyboards)
Our Price
$249 In Stock
Nord SC-73 Soft Case (73-Key Keyboards)
Our Price
$299 In Stock
Nord SCA1 Soft Case for Lead A1 Synthesiser
Our Price
$249 Ships in 7 Days
Nord NSCC1 Soft Case Organ
Our Price
$549 Ships in 7 Days
Nord SP-1 Sustain Pedal
Our Price
$99 In Stock
Nord Triple Pedal for Stage 2 & Piano
Our Price
$399 In Stock
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