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Headphones in today’s market are as popular and important as any device you will own in your live, studio or lifestyle setup. Headphones enable you to listen to or monitor audio of any kind and considering how many reasons we use headphones, it is not surprising how many different pairs are available at Store DJ.

DJ Headphones are designed for extended use and should be comfortable and clear. Some DJs look for headphones that have been EQ’d so there is more bass while others, like the popular Sennheiser HD25 are more of a monitor headphone that have a very flat EQ that play your audio exactly as you have it recorded.

Hi-Fi headphones are designed with comfort and sound in mind. Hi-Fi Headphones are much more ‘coloured’ or EQ’d to enhance the sound and experience of the listener.

Studio and Monitoring Headphones are designed to offer a much more flat response in terms of the EQ added to boost frequencies for DJ or Hi-Fi models. They are used so artists can clearly hear what their mix sounds like without having it hidden by EQ and other aspects of the design and build.

In-Ear and Earbuds/Earphones are very popular for people when space is at a minimum. There are some amazing In-Ear options for people who want multiple drivers for bass, mids and highs which can cost as much as a top quality pair of headphones. With the popularity in recent years of mobile music devices, inner ear solutions are becoming more and more prominent in the market.

Other headphone types include Wireless Headphones (no cable), Headsets (headphones with built in microphones) and Noise Cancelling Headphones that give you as a customer the ultimate in choice for your next set of Headphones!

At Store DJ, we stock a wide range of headphones including AKG Headphones, Sennheiser Headphones, Beyerdynamic Headphones, Pioneer Headphones, AIAIAI Headphones, Shure Headphones, Sony Headphones and more. We understand how important Headphones are to your work and pleasure of listening to music, so if you need any help, come and try out a few pairs or speak with one of our staff in any of our 4 stores so you can narrow the search down, depending on use and budget.

Every DJ needs headphones to cue up their next track. DJ Headphones are designed for extended use and should be comfortable and clear.
DJ Headphones
For accurately monitoring your mixes in the studio. Unlike speakers, these allow you to mix with privacy in any acoustic situation.
Studio / Monitoring Headphones
From consumer use with smartphones, through to professional stage monitoring, these guys are light to wear and will fit in your pocket.
Earphones / Earbuds
Listen to your favourite tunes with less interference from outside. Noise Cancelling Headphones are great for travel and noisy urban environments.
Noise Cancelling Headphones
High-quality audio demands a Hi-Fidelity listening system. These headphones offer a pristine listening environment at home or on the road.
Hi-Fi Headphones
Featuring an in-built mic, Headset Headphones are great for commentators, off-camera moderators, camera operators, or sound engineers.
Headset Headphones
Wireless Systems
At home or on stage, Wireless Headphones keep you plugged into the sound, with the freedom to roam.
Wireless / BluetoothHeadphones
Some audio devices can’t handle the headphones you want to use. Headphone amps fix that - boosting power or adding outputs for multiple sets of cans.
Headphone Amps & DACs
Bags and cases are handy for keeping headphones contained and protected. Don’t get headphone cables snagged in your bag again!
Headphone Bag / Cases
Customise your headphones, or extend their life with spare parts. Get cables, earpads, headbands and adapters here.
Headphone Spare Parts
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