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Positive Grid

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Positive Grid

Founded in 2013, Positive Grid is a collective of designers, engineers, and music makers creating innovative music technology that inspires millions of musicians across the globe. Their amplifier and effects modelling apps turn iOS and Android devices into flexible hubs for processing audio, while their BIAS amplifiers brought powerful power amp and effects emulation to approachable head and combo form factors.

The release of the Spark 40 practice amp in 2020, however, was Positive Grid's light-bulb moment. The combination of BIAS amplifier and effects emulation with an intelligent companion app redefined what a learning and practice tool for a guitar should look and feel like. Its near-infinite tones, smart algorithms, and seamless connectivity with the modern world of digital music made it an instant hit.

The algorithms that power Spark 40 and Spark Mini analyse millions of songs from YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music to play back while displaying chord changes, or analyse your original compositions to generate an accompaniment to play along to. Spark is also a plug & play audio interface for your computer, has 100 dB of clean headroom with remarkable bass, and can be used as a handsome Bluetooth or home theatre speaker. With this one device, Positive Grid have transformed the way modern musicians make music.

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