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MIDI Controllers & Interfaces

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MIDI Controllers & Interfaces

MIDI stands Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A MIDI Controller is a device that generates MIDI information in order to control MIDI enabled devices.

This information could be to trigger a drum or instrument sample, or to control the mixer functions within a sequencer (such as controlling the volume of an instrument or the amount of an effect applied).

MIDI interfaces are devices that act as a conduit for MIDI data between your computer and your MIDI enabled equipment. Thery connect to your computer with a digital connection such as USB.

At Store DJ we stock a wide range of MIDI Controllers and Interfaces from leading brands such as Novation, Behringer, Akai, MOTU, iConnectivity, Keith Mcmillan and Presonus. We understand the extra level of control these devices can give you. Visit us to check out the range, and see which solutions are right for your setup.

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