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Guitar Pedals / Effects

Foot operated effects for hands-free control

About Guitar Pedals / Effects

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Guitar Pedals / Effects

Guitar Pedals / Effects are designed for used with guitar and bass instruments. The use of pedals is so that a player using both hands can turn the effect on and off with a foot. Some pedals also have a range of motion, allowing for expression.

While these effects are traditionally used by guitarists, some people use them for other instruments or styles or music (such as techno!). These units are great for live use whatever the music, because they all have unique sounds and can be operated by any foot or hand that is free. These units are simply added to a signal chain with an audio input on one side, and an output on the other. This means that several pedals can be chained together. Many musicians put together their own custom chains, giving themselves a unique sound.

Some guitar effects are larger units without pedals. These units usually cover a wider range of sounds and may even ‘model’ the sound of a number of hardware units (such as guitar amps).

At Store DJ we understand Guitar Pedals / Effects. We know what a great point of difference they can give to your instrument or audio signal, whatever your sound. We stock a great range of units from brands such as Behringer and Roland. Check out the great range below to find the Guitar Pedal or Effect for you!

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Boss RC1 Loop Station
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Boss ME90 Guitar Multi Effects
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Zoom V3 Vocal Effect Processor
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Boss RC10R Rhythm Loop Station
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Boss RE-202 Space Echo
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