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Studio Monitor Controllers

For volume, speaker selection, routing and headphone control

About Studio Monitor Controllers

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Studio Monitor Controllers

<p>DJ Monitor Controllers are devices placed between the output of your mixer or audio interface and your studio monitors.</p>
<p>There are several applications that make a Monitor Controller an essential addition to your studio. Firstly they provide a physical volume control &ndash; allowing you to adjust volume physically (and most importantly allowing you to turn down that volume if there is a computer crash!). Many units also have multiple outputs allowing you to connect more than one pair of monitors (and a subwoofer), as well as multiple pairs of headphones. With a controller you can dictate which of these outputs are active and at what volume.</p>
<p>At Store DJ we understand DJ Monitor Controllers. They add a great deal of functionality and safety to your monitoring setup. We stock a great range of units from major manufacturers such as Focusrite, SM, PreSonus, Mackie, Behringer and JBL. Visit us in store or check out the range below to find the right unit for your studio. </p>
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