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Drum Machines, Electronic Drums &Samplers

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About Drum Machines, Electronic Drums &Samplers

Drum Machines, Electronic Drums &Samplers

Drums are the foundation of electronic music. Drum Machines and Samplers have always been at the core of how this music is written.

Drum Machines have a fixed selection of drum sounds that may be synthesized or samples. Samplers can record and manipulate sounds for playback. They typically come with a library of sounds that can be added to by the user. Both of these instruments also have an interface where the user can program in notes or sequences and edit sounds on the fly.

Why do people use Drum Machines & Samplers? These days many people write electronic music in a purely software-based way, but others still prefer to use hardware. Some of the advantages of using hardware Drum Machines and Samplers are the unique sounds (particularly from analogue units), the dedicated interface and the ‘feel’ achieved by playing notes in live via pads. Today hardware Drum Machines and Samplers are as popular as ever.

Some Drum Machines and Samplers are hardware only, meaning that they simply need power and an audio connection in order to operate. Other systems are computer based (or hybrid), and act as dedicated controllers for software instruments.

At Store DJ we understand Drum Machines and Samplers. We stock a great range of products from Native Instruments, Akai, Korg and Roland. Visit us in store to see these great units in action – you need to play them to understand why people love them so much!

Grid List
Roland Octapad SPD30 Digital Percussion Pad (White)
Our Price
$1179 Accepting Orders
Akai MPX16 16 Pad Sample Recorder & Player
Our Price
$399 Accepting Orders
Alesis 12" Mesh Head Pad with Acoustic Feel
Our Price
$439 Accepting Orders
Alesis Crimson II SE 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
Our Price
$1899 Accepting Orders
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