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IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia began in a small town in northern Italy. Not just any small town, but a town rich in heritage — a heritage of innovation. They are from a town known as the sports car capital of the world, exquisite cuisine, the birthplace of Balsamic Vinegar and the birthplace of one of the most innovative companies in the music industry - the town of Modena, Italy.

Way back in 1996 — around the time electricity was discovered and cell phones were the size of your average 4-slot toaster — two Italian engineers got together to solve a problem in a recording studio. Could you get the sound of classic analog gear from a computer? One of them said (in Italian, of course) "Could we emulate electronic circuits using DSP algorithms and feed an audio signal through the computer and get the same sound?" The answer was yes, the piece of gear they emulated was a vintage Abbey Road console, and IK Multimedia was born.

IK Multimedia charged out of the gate early with some big products – the first analogue-modelled mastering solution in the form of T-Racks, first virtual instrument workstation with SampleTank and the first guitar and bass amp and effects plugins in AmpliTube and Ampeg SVX. IN 2006 IK Multimedia produced its first hardware product – Stealthplug. To this day, IK Multimedia has continued to expand and innovate, most notably into software and hardware for mobile devices (such as the iRig hardware range). IK Multimedia’s company motto, "Musicians First," actually has a couple of different meanings.

First, they’re musicians. And they’re musicians first — engineers, software designers, business specialists, marketing and sales pros, warehouse experts, logistics managers and overall nice guys and girls second. What does that mean to you? It means IK Multimedia only design and create products that they would use.

At Store DJ we understand IK Multimedia – we’re musicians too! We stock a great range of IK Multimedia products, so visit us to see what they can do for you.

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