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Cartridges are the assembly at the end of the tone-arm that houses the stylus (or needle). Along with the stylus itself, the sound of a cartridge (as well as how it ‘tracks’ on a record) will vary from brand-to-brand.

For a DJ the important thing to think about when selecting a cartridge is what you want to use it for. Store DJ stocks Audio Technica, Shure and Ortofon Cartridges designed to work for specific needs such as scratching, digital timecode playback or simply standard record playback.

The two biggest selling cartridges at Store DJ are from Shure (who make the awesome and very loved M447) and Ortofon (who make the Concorde range of cartridges that have been favoured by DJs for decades). There are many choices for cartridges in terms of what they offer, such as frequency response and output gain.

Store DJ understands the importance of selecting the correct Cartridge for your Vinyl setup. We know the difference between cartridges and what you need to do to make them track and play perfectly on your system. So, if you are in the market for some new cartridges for your setup, come in and have a chat to one of our staff about the solutions on offer for your style of mixing.

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