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EVE Audio

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EVE Audio

From small desktop two-way speakers to larger three-way studio monitors and subwoofers, Eve utilise a long history in design to produce unique products that have been designed from the ground up for clarity and precision.

Eve was founded by Roland Stenz, a man with a long history working in research and development for audio companies in East Germany. After the German reunification, Roland Stenz worked briefly for a Berlin based Hi-Fi company before pursuing his advanced electronic studies. Subsequently in 1999 he became co-founder, shareholder and CEO of ADAM Audio. Upon his leaving ADAM in the summer of 2010, he decided to take an MBA degree while simultaneously starting the development a new range of studio monitors.

His approach was to question the necessity of each and every component in the speaker’s audio circuitry, not only from an engineering point of view, but also from a user experience standpoint. Soon it became obvious that the answer was not in using off-the-shelf components, so the new EVE Audio line was designed from the ground up. The result is a complete range of active studio monitors and active subwoofers, carefully designed to satisfy home recording users as well as studio professionals. As such, most parts and components that can be found in EVE Audio speakers were produced according to Roland Stenz’ requirements.

At Store DJ we love EVE Audio and keep a range of them on display. As with all speakers and studio monitors in particular, they have to be heard to be understood, so visit us to hear these great monitors in action.

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EVE Audio TS107 7" Studio Monitor Subwoofer
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