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sE Electronics was founded in March 2000 by Siwei Zou, a very talented classical musician from Shanghai, who won a top position at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and went on to become a hugely successful conductor and composer. He has also worked closely with the Shanghai Opera and the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra for several decades.

Siwei designed his first range of sE microphones in 2000; originally built by OEM companies Shanghai Feilo and Fon Le (OEM companies are ones which build products for lots of different brands). Like most companies, sE started making microphones this way because they started with some great microphone designs, but no money to buy their own manufacturing plant.

They moved away from mainstream OEM, however, extremely quickly, so that by early 2003, less than 3 years after they started the brand from a small office in the USA and a garage in the UK, sE moved into their own facility, cutting their ties to OEM production.

Most brands take decades to make this kind of move, if ever, and in fact the vast majority of microphone brands on the market today either still mainly use OEM production for their entire range, or big parts of it. Every sE product is designed and built in-house, and they do not make products for any other microphone brands, period. Every single microphone has a hand-crafted capsule which we build at our own facility.

All sE microphone capsules are entirely built by hand by highly-skilled engineers. Even the chassis and flight cases are built in-house. In fact when you own an sE Electronics microphone you can be confident that every aspect of both the mic and its accessories has had the same unrivalled level of care and passion right throughout its design and manufacture. Even to the level that every single microphone that leaves the facility has undergone a personal listening test — and it shows.

sE Electronics condenser mics are already the No.1 brand in the UK and the fastest growing microphone brand in Europe and the USA. The brand, in its short history, has already won almost every major European award possible for excellence and is fast finding the same unanimous acclaim and passionate following in the USA and Asia that it has in Europe.

sE produces a large range or condenser and ribbon microphones, as well as accessories such as reflection filters. sE have also teamed up with famous audio engineer Andy Munro to design and produce the sE Munro Egg monitoring system.

At Store DJ we understand sE. We always have a range on display, and can demonstrate how these great products will integrate with your setup.

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