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Earplugs have never had a good reputation… until now! Erasers are the result of more than 48 years of research and development by parent company, Persona Medical. We should all own a pair of Earasers; they are lightweight, comfortable, reusable and most of all extremely effective at protecting your hearing.

Throughout history, earplugs have not looked, felt or performed as well as they could, so Earasers set out to develop a high fidelity ear plug that cuts harsh distortion, while allowing good sound to pass through. This means that the harsh frequencies are squashed without removing all of the non-distorted sound.

Whether you are in a band, work in a club or even enjoy going to concerts, festivals and pub gigs, then you certainly need a pair of Earasers on you at all times, this is why they come in a very handy key-fob chain that attaches to your keys for easy access. Its really a small price to pay for peace of mind and once you put a pair of Earasers on in noisy environments, you will never want to leave home without them.

Store DJ understands how important your hearing is for your ongoing health, so we stock a full range of small, medium and large Earasers online and in all 4 stores. The Earasers sizing is typically designed as small for children and women, medium for men and large for a small percentage of men with large ear canals.

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