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CD, MP3 & Media Players

CD / MP3 / Media Players are the most widely used form of DJ equipment in professional entertainment venues around the world. Unlike your home Media Players, professional DJ CD / MP3 / Media Players have a range of functions to help you interact with your music, such as sync options, pitch control, turntable styled jog dials, looping controls, MIDI (for control of DJ software) and effects.

Store DJ has a large range of CD / MP3 / Media Players from companies including Pioneer, Numark, Tascam and Stanton.

In the past 10 years, CD / MP3 / Media Players have been the choice for professionals for two main reasons.

Firstly, the modern professional units have a host of features and precise control options for DJs, so they can scratch, loop, cue, scan and effect all of their favourite tracks and even use them to playback information from a computer or USB hard drive. This means they can use MP3 files, which are widely used by DJs.

Secondly, CDs. USBs and laptops are much smaller and lighter than vinyl records that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s. This means that a DJ can carry a lot more music in a lot lighter and tighter travel case to their gigs, meaning they are never without a song they suddenly decide to play.

In 2001, CD / MP3 / Media Players took a massive step forward thanks to the Pioneer CDJ 1000 which grew quickly to be the most popular and widely used DJ instrument. Pioneer have updated the CDJ 1000 to the CDJ 1000Mk2 and Mk3, before upgrading the CDJ 1000 to the CDJ 2000, with full USB and MIDI control for DJs storing music on their hard drives. The Pioneer CDJ range continues to update and expand, and is the most widely used professional DJ tool on the market. It can be seen in most bars, clubs or any venue where you expect to see a DJ console!

Store DJ has the biggest range of CD / MP3 / Media Players on offer in Australia and not only has the best prices on all your favourite products, but back that up with knowledgeable staff that will help direct you to the right unit for your needs.

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