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Whether you own a home or a high end commercial audio studio, treating the sound in your recording space is vital to ensure you capture, monitor and mix your tracks perfectly every time and that is where Wave Panels comes in. Wave Panels is an Australian company that produces world leading audio treatment products that are simple, effective and affordable.

Wave Panels are dedicated to the modern recording artist, developing and manufacturing their products here in Australia. Their range of acoustic foam is used to smooth out resonant waveform peaks across the entire frequency spectrum for a wide array or room sizes. They will not only treat the audio coming from your monitors, but help reduce general room noise and external noises from outside the studio.

Every room has its own characteristics, due to space, building materials and even different shaped corners where one wall meets another. This has lead to Wave Panels creating a range of acoustic treatments such as standard wall tiles (available in 4, 6 or 12 packs and different sizes), bass traps to treat harsh sub frequencies, monitor isolators, corner traps for harsh edges that often cause grief in a studio space and even a starter pack for basic home studio setups.

These products make a huge difference to the sound in your studio and thanks to their simple installation, anyone can setup and configure them so you can fine tune the best results.

Store DJ understands how important acoustic treatment is for your studio space and our team is ready to help you get the most out of the Wave Panels range, so contact us now or view below to find the best solution.

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