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Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MOTU is a leading developer of computer-based audio and video production hardware and software. Previously known as Mark Of The Unicorn, MOTU was founded in 1980 and has been developing audio, video and music technology products since 1984.

Inspired by the Macintosh when it first appeared, engineers at MOTU developed one of the Macintosh's first music programs ever. Performer, which became the music industry standard for MIDI sequencing, began shipping in 1985.

Around that time MOTU began producing MIDI interfaces for connecting computers with external music devices such as synthsisers and drum machines, and became the go-to brand for MIDI interfaces. As computers grew more powerful and audio processing became a reality, MOTU began producing audio interfaces. Today, MOTU is famous for their high-quality audio interfaces and MIDI interfaces, as well as their audio software.

For their 25th anniversary issue, the editors of Sound On Sound magazine named "25 Milestone Products That Changed Recording History" from 1985 to 2010. The one and only audio interface to make the list was MOTU’s 828, which ushered in a new era in desktop recording as the first-ever firewire audio interface.

At Store DJ we understand MOTU’s range, and how their products can integrate into your studio environment. From small, mobile setups to large commercial installations, there is a MOTU interface for you.

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