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About Fluid Audio

Fluid Audio

Fluid Audio is one mans life dream professionally started more than 25 years ago when Kevin Zuccaro started working at his first job as a loudspeaker engineer for JBL in 1990. Now, more than 25 years later, Fluid Audio is known throughout the industry as the creators of high quality studio monitors such as the FX8 from the Fader Series and revolutionary CBT Bluetooth Studio Monitors.

Kevin worked on speaker drivers, hi-fi systems and cinema projects, all the while growing in his ability to work on a wide range of areas within the design and delivery of loudspeakers. It was while at M-Audio that Kevin focused solely on powered studio monitors, where he was managing the whole monitor segment for Avid. This was the last push Kevin needed to finally start working for himself in 2011, when he founded Fluid Audio.

Fluid Audio is founded by a philosophy encasing one simple word - OPTIMISATION. Using Kevin’s decades of experience as an Engineer and surrounding himself with like-minded experts, Flud has now re-designed every part of the studio monitor to ensure it creates the best result for its given price range.

The co-axial design that is featured in the Fluid FX8 means that all frequencies - from low to high - all come from the one position. This means that wherever you are in relation to the speaker, the sound hits you at the same time, giving you a perfect reference so you can tune, mix and master with ease. Co-axial configuration is normally seen in much more expensive setups, making the Fluid FX8 a must listen for any Studio Monitor buyer.

Store DJ prides itself on Studio monitor knowledge and we understand how important your Fluid Studio Monitors are for your studio and mix. Visit us in any of our 4 stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth or click any of the products below to read and learn more about Fluid Audio.

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